Our SafeScrow Story

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In 2018, Ayebakuro Ombu and Pereowei Izontimi founded SafeScrow to solve the social media merchant fraud problem through an escrow application. What began as an idea to help protect businesses eventually birthed the company now known as SafeScrow Technological services. 

Today, Safescrow has evolved into a software development company helping businesses go digital by setting up eCommerce websites and providing technological services for businesses to reach their highest potential and get on a level playing field with their competitors.

SafeScrow has successfully built and deployed loan management applications, integrated websites to Core Business Applications for Micro Finance Institutions, and provided several other technological services to businesses in Africa over the years. 

Currently, SafeScrow is operational in Nigeria and Rwanda with a team of engineers and support staff, providing high-quality tech support for businesses. 

Our goal has always been to help businesses reach their potential, and to achieve that, we provide the following services;

  1. Design, Development, Deployment and Maintenance of Desktop, Web, Mobile and Cloud Applications
  2. Converting technological development ideas into engineering tasks and deliverables
  3. Integrating Enterprise Applications with Web and Mobile Applications
  4. Migration of Onsite Applications to Cloud

Our Vision:

To become a leading software technology service provider in Africa.

Our Mission:  

We exist to take our clients’ businesses into the 21st century by connecting them with potential customers from around the world, through highly functional technological systems.

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